Why and how to become a tester?

French Poetry sometimes looks for people willing to test patterns before they are released. We do this to check the fit on real people in specific sizes. For example, in the process of adapting a pattern for a new size range, we look for candidates matching as closely as possible the ‘base size’ (middle size) of the new range. This allows us to check the fit before grading out bigger and smaller sizes.

When applying to become a tester, you will receive the sewing pattern with its explanations in your size. In return, we need good pictures of the garment or toile modeled by you, to check parts that need to be adjusted. We will not release these pictures unless you want us to.

When testing campaigns are launched, you will be able to apply on this page. If nothing matches your size, come back later or subscribe to our social networks or newsletter: we will make announcements 🙂

At the moment, we are looking for…

‘Base size’ testers to check the middle size of our Plus Size range, and Plus size models to take pictures of our dresses. All the details here!