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Can’t find your order? Wondering how to piece together a PDF pattern? The answer might be here.

Is the seam allowance included in the patterns?

Yes it is, and it is 5/8” (1.5cm) wide. This is the standard seam allowance we have seen in most sewing patterns, and the easiest one for beginners. After doing several polls over the years, the majority always voted to keep this width!

I didn't receive my order confirmation email.

The email is sent automatically after purchase. If you can’t find it, it is most likely in your spam folder. If it isn’t, please send us an email.

I have trouble printing the PDF pattern

Use the layers to select only the required sizes: this will get rid of unnecessary lines and notches and save ink. To do this, open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat or any other software with the layers feature. Select the layers for your size or sizes. Make sure to select the “All sizes instructions”, “Page numbers” and “Cutting lines” layers as well: they contain important information to piece the pages together and use the sewing pattern.

Files have been tested and should work fine, but each printer is different: sometimes you will need to explore the settings. You need to print your pattern at a 100% scale with no margins. Please use the test square to check the scale. Please use the correct format for your printer: patterns are provided in US letter (for US printers) or A4 (all other home printers) and A0 (copy shop).

I have trouble piecing the PDF pattern together

We made a little video to help you!

I can't login to my customer account

If you can’t login even after trying to set a new password, it is likely you didn’t create an account during checkout.
If you want to link your past orders to a newly created account, you can create one anytime and drop us an email. We will link the orders for you.

I lost/deleted my order confirmation email

No problem! Drop us an email and we will find your order with your name or email address, and resend it to you.

Why are not all sewing patterns available in the extended size range?

Three patterns are already offered in an extended size range, up to hips 66”: the Pleiades 1 dress, Pleiades 2 dress and the Stella dress. This represents an important amount of work as we had the sewing patterns entirely redrafted for this new line, in order to fit actual body shapes in this size range. We hope these patterns are successful so we can extend others as well! Spread the word to help us achieve a fully inclusive sewing patterns collection.

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