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Lune dress add-on: cups A to G


This is an old version: the Lune dress is now available here.

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Size guide

To choose your size, you will need 2 measurements: bust and underbust. 

Bust: measure around the fullest part of your bust.  Often this will run the tape right across your nipples. 

Underbust: around your ribcage, just underneath your breasts.  

Taking measurements accurately is important (don’t rely on your ready-to-wear size). The cup letter may not match the one you usually wear, especially as there are many size systems depending on countries.

It is important to make a toile/muslin first, especially for cups above C as body shapes may vary. You may need to try another cup or size if the fit is not right for you.

Illustration showing how to take measurements
Measurements table in inches
Measurements table in cm